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 MSRP $39.99

 Let’s face it, here in Alberta we don’t have a very long riding season. So if your looking for a way to help to get the most out of your riding season or wanting to make an addition to your all-weather arsenal why not help keep your hands warm with a set of heated grips.
T-Pak Deluxe Heated Grips are simple heating elements that get installed underneath your handle bar grips. They are a very inexpensive way to keep your hands warm compared to the alternatives of complete grips with the elements integrated in them, or heated gloves.
The goods:  Very light weight and discrete
                      Can be used with most aftermarket grips
                      Simple and easy to use dual-setting Hi – Lo with flush mount zoot switch
                      Easy to install
The pits: Certain existing grips can be a pain to get off.
                 On some models of motorcycles can be tough to find a location to easily mount the zoot switch.
                 If your not savvy in the electrical area it would be reccomended for an additional cost to have the
                 dealer install the heated grips for you. 




Go Pro HD Camera
MSRP $370.00
If you’re going on an epic ride, or heading out with your buddies and looking for a way to capture some memories or embarrassing stories for later, a compact sports camera is the way to go.
There are many choices out there now but so far by far a Go Pro is one of the simplest easiest to use on board cameras to use. Updated from the previous Go Pro Hero Wide the HD adds some choice features like: 1080p video quality, built in Lithium battery, can now hold up to a 32g SD card for longer video recording.
The goods: Compact and simple
                    Multiple ways to mount the camera for all sorts of different camera shots
                    Amazing video quality
                    Lithium battery pack which is an improvement from the previous 2x AAA batteries
The pits: Heavier than the previous model, which is noticeable when mounted on a helmet
                Can be frustrating the first couple of times to set the camera angle
                Power and shoot buttons need more feeling to them



MSRP $149.99
Many of us are looking for ways to personalize our bikes out there to stand out from the rest. There are many different ways you can do this. Different bodywork, exhaust, flush-mount signal lights, rear huggers etc...
Tail Tidy from R&G Racing Products is an inexpensive way to customize your ride with minimal work and frustration usually associated with aftermarket parts installation. It looks great and helps clean up the back end of your bike.
The goods: Easy installation
Gets rid of the whale tail on the back of the 07 + CBR600RR
Inexpensive compared to other fender eliminator kits out there
Good quality parts
 The pits: Comes with a new tail light but does not come with new signal lights
                Instructions are a little vague

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