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How's Your Rubber?


Things to Check Regularly

Tip: There are dozens of parts on a motorcycle that could be checked on a regular basis and there is nothing wrong with check all those parts. But try to slim the list down to the most important items so you still have time to ride.



Next Big Adventure Peru Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Honda’s Next Big Adventure Peru contest.We wish you the best of luck on your trip of a life time.

Click here to see who the lucky winners are.

Rocky Mountain GS Challange

I had recently received and accepted an invitation to take part in an event called the “GS” (BMW) challenge.

On Aug 13 we rode to the prairie creek area (S.W. of Rocky Mountain House) in pouring rain. There we spent 2 days taking part in various skill- testing events and a major trail ride. Being 79, I was by far the oldest of the 91 participants.
I did ok on my Honda XR650L, but I chose to ride the toughest of the 3 trails offered, the “expert” run. I made out ok, but being about 25 years older than the average age of the group of 19, it proved to be pretty tough on my body.
One gets old too soon, and smart too late….
R. Z. SR

Looks like a fun ride

Goldwing track day

Never underestimate a Goldwing.

ST1300 Rider Skills

Next time your in the US cruising downt the interstate, keep an eye out because these state trooper have great skills.

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